1. Q.) What is a Time Bank?

    - A Time Bank is an organization made up of people from all over the community who want to offer their skills and services to others in exchange for time. They can redeem their hours earned for the use of skills and services from other members. Each hour they spend offering a skill or service earns them an hour. It is like a checking account where the form of currency is hours. You earn hours in your account from offering yours skills and services and then you spend them on skills and services you would like to receive from others.

  2. Q.) Are certain skills and services worth more than others?

    - No. Every skill and service is valued at the same level. An hour earned is an hour earned, no matter what the service or skill provided is.

  3. Q.) How do I join?

    - Please visit www.oc.timebanks.org and follow the easy online steps.

  4. Q.) Are you a non-profit organization?

    - OC Time Bank is proud to be a project of the Catalyst Network of Communities which is a 501c3 non-profit. To get more information about Catalyst please visit www.gocatalyst.org

  5. Q.) Does the Time Bank only want people with professional skills?

    - Everyone is an asset in the group. You are more than welcome to offer any professional skills you have but it is not required to be a member. People offer skills and services from companionship to haircuts. Everyone has something they can offer and everyone is encouraged to become a member.

  6. Q.) Is there a cost to join the Time Bank?

    - The Time Bank is a community program and needs to cover the costs associated with running the software that makes it possible to have a group like this. With that said, there are multiple ways to “pay” for membership, you can donate hours to the Time Bank, you can pay a reduced fee and donate some hours to the Time Bank, or you can pay $10. This fee is used to keep the community website up and running so all members can exchange their skills and services. If you join this year the fee will be waived.

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